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Weekend Stashing

September 25, 2011

This Saturday was the much-anticipated Three Irish Girls trunk show at Yarn Harbor. KG and I wanted to get there before all the best stuff was gone, so we grabbed breakfast and made it in about half an hour after the store opened.

I could have left with several sweaters’ worth, so I’m pretty proud of myself for getting out with only three skeins.

The darker green will become a shawl, the lighter a scarf, and the brown will be something for Sweetie–the color is called Driftwood, so I knew he had to have something made out of it.

Later on Saturday, we found ourselves wandering around Superior, killing time while waiting for friends. I rarely get to the yarn shop over there, so we decided to stop in.

I picked up two balls of this polar fleece style yarn. It’s something that I had heard of but never seen in person, and I think it will make a nice, warm hat for Sweetie.

To be honest, this kind of stashing is really unusual for me. I normally buy yarn with specific projects in mind, which explains why I have so many WIPs and UFOs. People assume that since I work at the yarn shop I have a large stash, but the opposite is quite true–I’m familiar enough with our stock that I know what’s available and wait to buy it until shortly before I’m ready to cast on. My stash is growing, but it’s the projects that are out of control 🙂

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