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UFO Socktoberfest

October 5, 2011

I have an exciting Socktoberfest ahead of me, folks.

Why? Well, if you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you might remember my Sock Innovation period, the time when I knit every single pattern in Cookie A’s first book as samples for a class. Some of these socks got mates, but many of them have sat unfinished. Since there won’t be a Mystery Socktoberfest pattern this year, I’ve decided that this will be the month to finish up all of my sock UFOs so that I can knit fabulous new sock patterns guilt-free.

There are kind of a lot of pairs to be finished, so I’ll start with the first three.

First up is last year’s Socktoberfest mystery sock, which needs both feet finished off.

Next is Eunice, possibly my favorite sock from Sock Innovation.

Last (for now) is Cauchy, a relatively easy pattern with a picot cuff.

I managed to knit through a repeat on the Socktoberfest sock while teaching a mitten class tonight, and I’ll pick it up again while grabbing a drink with a friend.

In case you’re wondering about last week’s blouse, I hand-stitched the hem over the weekend but haven’t yet taken care of the buttons and buttonholes. Hopefully that will happen this coming weekend.

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