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Hockey Hat

December 13, 2011

I have been so incredibly lucky this semester: it was unlikely that I would be able to find teaching at the last minute, but I was able to teach almost a full-time course load! I’m feeling even luckier in regards to next semester, when I will be teaching full time on a single campus instead of jumping around between three of them.
One of the campuses where I teach is a bit of a drive from home, and my family wasn’t so sure about me taking a job there. I was fortunate to be connected with a biology teacher there who let me hitch a ride with him once a week. His true passion is hockey, so I worked up this hat for him:

I used the same Earflap Hat Generator that I used for the Deer Hunting Surprise hat, and I was once again pleased with the results. So was he–he wore this hat to flood the outdoor rink on the night that I gave it to him and reported that it was perfect!

PatternHockey Sticks and Snowflakes by Jeni McCarty 

Yarn: just over 2 sk #0090 and under 1 sk #6031 Dale of Norway Falk 
Needles: 20″ US 2.5 Addi Turbo circs 
Made for: Andy 
Timeline: December 2-8, 2011 
Modifications: recipe-style pattern, so no need 
Worst Part: staying up much too late to finish it 
Best Part: the thank you text he sent me 
This is really the first of the holiday season knitting. There may not have been much blogging around here lately, but I’ve managed to make time for knitting just about every day. Now that the semester is drawing to a close, I’ll be spending much of my time working on gifts and will share the non-super-secret stuff here.

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