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UFO Mondays: Cobblestone

February 20, 2012

I really should have posted about this UFO last week because now a lot of the problems I was having with it have now been dealt with. Oh, well.

I started knitting Sweetie a Cobblestone pullover when I spent a week at a cabin with my family the summer before last. I made quite a bit of progress on it during that trip, and things were looking good for timely completion of the project.

Then, when it was time to join together the body and arms of the sweater in order to knit the yoke, I realized that I had made a really stupid mistake. Instead of working the side bands on the body in garter stitch, I had purled them every row because I had misread the instructions. I might have been able to deal with the mismatching on its own, but the purl band pulled in on itself, which meant the body of the sweater didn’t lay flat.

My first attempt at fixing the problem was invasive surgery: I dropped down the offending stitches and picked them up in garter stitch. This was effective, but it left the stitches in either side of the band looking pretty sloppy. I decided that there was nothing to do but rip down to the garter edging at the bottom of the sweater.

Last weekend (a week ago, not yesterday), after completing the knitting on one Puerperium, I still wanted to work on something mindless, so I picked up the sweater again and began re-knitting the 18″ body (I think I’ve mentioned before that Sweetie is tall 🙂 ). Between the Student Success Day sessions that I attended and a few evenings of watching TV and movies with Sweetie, I’ve regained the lost ground and started in on the yoke.

Last seen on the blog in August 2010, but I know it’s been picked up since then. 

Reason for abandonment: stupidity

Assessment: the end is in sight

I have to mention that I’ve worked on this project quite a bit in front of Sweetie, and he hadn’t said a thing about it. Last night, after working on the yoke for a while, I asked him if he realized what I was working on. He said that he was excited to see me working on his sweater and didn’t want to jinx it. 

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  1. February 21, 2012 9:51 am

    I love that he “didn’t want to jinx it”. He understands. 🙂

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