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UFO Mondays: Which Dress?

March 26, 2012

I need some help. I’m attending the wedding reception of two dear friends at the end of April, and I really don’t know what to wear. It’s a more casual wedding at an outdoor resort, but I know that a lot of the bride’s friends that will be in attendance like to get dolled up, so I think a cocktail dress will be the way to go.

I just so happen to have two dresses that are partially completed and could work, but I’m not sure which one of them I should finish by the late-April deadline.

My first option is Vogue 1161 in a floral-ish print.

Last seen on the blog in summer 2010
Reason for abandonment: our friend passed away shortly before the wedding for which I was making it, and we left town early to be with friends and family
Assessment: the bodice is done, and it looks like I’ve started the skirt.

My other option is Vogue 1174 in a deep wine. I adjusted the skirt to be a typical a-line so that I can add tiered ruffles

Last seen on my sewing table last fall–I never blogged about it because it was super-secret
Reason for abandonment: ran out of time before the gallery opening for which it was intended
Assessment: bodice is mostly done but still needs boning, skirt needs to be figured out and assembled

So help me out:

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  1. Red's Mom permalink
    March 26, 2012 7:23 pm

    Finishing an unfinished sewing project….yay you!
    Love, your very supportive mother
    P.S. Either one would make a great project to enter at the County Fair!!!


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