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UFO Mondays: Cauchy

May 21, 2012

We’re moving across the country at the end of July. For real this time.

Sometimes it feels like a long time away, and sometimes I panic at how soon it seems like we’ll be packing up and leaving everything and everyone we know.

The only way I know how to cope at this point is to do what I can when I can. Now that my semester is over and grades are in, I’ve turned my attention towards cleaning and decluttering our apartment. We’ve lived here for about five years and gotten just a little too comfortable, so there’s plenty to do. That’ll mainly be my job–Sweetie is working a whole lot of hours this summer to finance our move, and I’m working when I can and taking charge of the move when I’m home.

Of course, part of the decluttering for me is getting rid of UFOs. As I said when we were planning to make this move last summer, I’m happy to move finished projects, and I’m fine with moving yarn. I’m not okay with moving a ton of half-finished projects. My summer class samples are nearly finished (one more baby bootie to go!), so it’s time to get serious about finishing some projects.

cauchy leg
It feels like I haven’t worked on socks in a while, so I’ve decided to kick off this round of UFOs with Cauchy. The color in the photo above is totally inaccurate–it’s not nearly so bright.

Last seen: October 2011

Reason for abandonment: from what I can tell, I got distracted by other projects including class samples

Assessment: I think the leg might be complete on the second sock (I’ll have to take a look at my notes to be sure), so it shouldn’t be long before this pair is complete. I have to admit that I’m happy the picot cuff is finished–I love how they look but don’t love how fiddly they are to knit.

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  1. May 22, 2012 9:00 am

    Ooh – where are you moving to? Will you miss MN? (*I* miss MN, and I’ve never even been lucky enough to live there!).

    I hadn’t even thought about moving UFO’s for OUR upcoming move. Ugh. Just when I was feeling OK-ish about putting half my stash in storage for a year, and piecing as many quilts as I can, and thinking about knitting more Hoopling stuff…

    Maybe I’ll just try and cram all my UFO’s into my big rolling knitting bag. I bet I can make them fit if I can arrange them just-so. 😉

    • redknitter permalink
      June 11, 2012 4:42 pm

      We’re going to Pennsylvania! I’ll be in Pittsburgh working on my doctorate, and my husband will be working on his MFA at Penn State. I’m sure we’ll miss MN a ton, but it will be great to have a big change like this–we’ve both lived here our whole lives.

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