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Tadpoles in a Koi Pond

May 18, 2013

Moving from Minnesota to Pennsylvania last summer was pretty scary. Sweetie and I left our families, friends, jobs, and apartment behind, all in the pursuit of higher education. One of the times when this really hit home for me was my first night alone in Pittsburgh. My family, who was right there with us for the move, had made their way back home, and Sweetie had to head back to his campus for orientation. I suddenly realized that the only person I knew in the entire city was my landlord, and that was a pretty lonely thought.

My orientation started soon after, and I quickly met some people with whom I've become quite close over the past year. The most wonderful of them during this transitional time for me was J, a second year MA student in my department. We quickly became friends, and she offered me a ride home after knowing me for only an hour or two because she wanted to help me avoid the bus when she could.

J is one of those people who's simply good to be around, and she's been there for me when I've been upset, stressed out, or just needed a Target shopping buddy. When I first met J, she was planning on applying to our PhD program, and I was selfishly hoping to keep her around for another several years. Her plans changed over the course of the year, and while I'll still see her often, I won't get to chat with her in the office or on the way home after class like I used to.

A friend like this deserves a heartfelt graduation gift, especially for something as big as completing a Master's degree. I knew I wanted to make her some cozy socks to keep her toes warm in winter, and this colorway, which is called Koi Pond, is perfectly suited to her. I stuck with the theme, as well as a pattern that would show off the colorway, by knitting the Tadpoles sock pattern.

I topped them off with a custom tag–I've been meaning to make one of these for a while. They're just a small token of my appreciation, but I hope she likes them.

Pattern: Tadpoles by Jenna Swanson

Yarn: Abstract Fiber Supersock in “Koi Pond,” less than one skein

Needles: US 0 bamboo dpns

Made for: J

Timeline: 21 February – 12 April 2013

Modifications: none. Notice that the faux cable is only on the front of the leg.

Worst part: can't think of one

Best part: the colorway and knitting these during a conference

I hope I'm not being too boring with these finished project posts–I have a bit of a backlog from the academic year, and I'm hoping to post about some WIPs soon.


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  1. Charlotte Olson permalink
    May 19, 2013 7:37 pm

    So,so cool!!


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