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Beginnings of a Gray Dress (Simplicity 2497)

May 21, 2013

It might be summer break, but I didn't get much of a break this year. I had two weeks in between the end of spring semester and the beginning of my summer course to relax a little bit, and I spent a good chunk of those two weeks sewing. I did manage to finish my Beignet skirt but don't yet have any photos to share. I was still feeling the sewing mojo, so next up was a very wearable gray dress.

I picked up supplies for this project back in the fall when I was doing some crafting in preparation for a dance festival. The farthest I got at the time was pre shrinking the fabric and cutting out the pattern tissue, so I was ready to get cutting last week. The fabric is a really stable knit that I'm essentially treating like a woven, and I'm using the wrong side because I liked the slight variation in color better.

So far, this dress is going well aside from a minor incident with the pinking shears which I may or may not share at a later date. The neckline is all figured out, the pockets are in place, and the dress is mostly assembled. The hard part–for me at least–is coming up next. I have to put in an invisible zipper, which I have only done a couple of times before. Zippers used to come fairly easily to me, but I seem to have become nervous about them in my sewing lull.

I'm so happy I had this project ready and waiting for me. As a native Minnesotan, I have no clue how to dress myself professionally in the summertime–when it's only hot for a little while, you can sort of fake it. Not that summer is longer and hotter, I'm taking a good look at my wardrobe and trying to find ways to fill in gaps in ways that span multiple seasons.


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