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Gauge (Mis)Adventures

June 6, 2013

I mentioned in my last post that I've been knitting on the bus lately. It might come as a surprise (especially to those of you who know me “in real life”) that I wasn't doing this already. I've done a little bit of bus knitting this year, but I often found that the bus felt to crowded to knit, or I was working on a project that was too complex to keep track of in a moving vehicle with only my lap for a table.

This week, I decided to try again, and I dug through my project stash to find something suitably easy. In the end, I picked up the yarn I had bought for Knitty's Spring/Summer 2011 Amiga cardigan.

For some reason–the Yarn Harlot, maybe?–I became completely obsessed with making this cardigan last summer. I even remember asking our UPS guy to help me decide between colorways (he was actually really helpful)! It's so easy for this to happen when working at a LYS all day. I was surrounded by yarn, patterns, and projects at work, so I was constantly inspired. This is one of those projects that took hold of me even though its pretty different from my usual style. I picked up the yarn, the cotton/linen Araucanía Lontué, before our big move, and it's been patiently awaiting WIP status ever since.

After consulting the gauge swatch that I knit last summer, I went ahead and cast on for the sweater during Monday's commute. This is what I came up with:

Not a fan. I can't handle such open fabric, even in a garment like this one, which is supposed to be airier. I had actually realized on Monday morning that my swatch hadn't been washed, so I soaked it and laid it out to dry for the day. I figured that if the gauge was incorrect for the sweater I could just rip back.

Rip back, I did! Truth be told, I wanted to go with that smallest needle size (US 5) from the beginning but was concerned I wouldn't have enough yarn at that gauge. It grew a little after its bath, and now I think I should have enough. I'm following the size 48″ chest instructions at a gauge of 17 stitches to 3.25″ in hopes of getting around a 35″ bust on the cardigan. The fabric will still be rather open and will drape nicely, but I won't have to sacrifice stitch uniformity.

After another few days of knitting on my commute, I have most of the yoke complete:

Much better, even if it does look a bit like a Swamp Thing cardigan…

I'm off to class to discuss an August Wilson play followed by a balboa lesson and some dancing. Happy Thursday!


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