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UFO Monday: Lots of Little Pieces

June 24, 2013

My red pants are still taking a little breather. I need to spend some time figuring out how to get the fit right, and I was in the mood to make some serious sewing progress this weekend rather than dig through fitting resources. I decided to pull out Butterick 5599 (now discontinued), a denim dress that I barely started a couple years ago.

My original impulse for making this dress was to have a cute dressy casual dress for a family trip that Sweetie and I were planning and I was, to be honest, dreading a bit. I figured a new dress would give me something to help me get through it, but ultimately we didn't even go, and the dress was set aside.

I didn't get too far in the first round because there are approximately a zillion pieces to cut out. This picture of my sewing table gives you a sense of how many there are, except that there are three different cuts for most of these pieces: the outer denim, the printed lining, and interfacing. Once all those little pieces are cut out, things don't get much better:

Basting. Lots and lots of basting if you blindly followed the pattern envelope like I did and purchased sew-in interfacing. At least I got to use up some random leftover bobbins.

Precision has definitely been key while cutting and assembling this bodice. I don't know much about quilting, but I imagine this is a little like what piecing a quilt top feels like. I was hoping to show off the finished bodice tonight, but it's just too hot to spend that kind of time in my sewing room. Here's where it's at right now:

You can't tell from this image, but there is some mighty fine edgestitching on either side of each seam. There are also some challenging angles to work with, which you can see in the line drawing at the beginning of the post. Hopefully I'll get some good detail shots when the dress is finished.

So far, so good. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm actually regaining my sewing skills, or if I'm still riding on luck. Either way, I'll take it. Especially if I have a new dress for the next date night!

PS: Anyone have favorite TV shows to sew to? I always have Netflix on while I'm sewing, and I'm looking for something new.

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