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This Is Insanity

July 1, 2013

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I’ve been plugging along on my denim dress, and it’s pretty much insane. All the little pieces for the outside are one thing–they come together for a pretty clever bodice design. Doing the same exact thing for the lining, though? That’s just nutty. The only shaping that these pieces provide is at the bust, which means that the lining could very easily have been only a few pieces to assemble rather than a zillion. But that would have required some extra drafting effort on the part of a Big Four company…

Nonetheless, I made it through and now have bodices and skirts for both the dress and the lining.

Around the time that I took this photo–sometime during Saturday’s sewing marathon–I ran out of thread. With all of the seams and top stitching on this dress, I was pretty sure from the start that this would happen. Still, I held out hope that I would be able to finish the dress and wear it out with Sweetie this weekend, so I’m a little bummed that I have to set it aside until he’s here with the car to take me for more thread.

The other project I’ve been picking up lately is the Dancing Cranes UFO that I mentioned recently. It’s not too complex, so it’s the perfect project for knitting while watching TV or a movie in the A/C. The rows are really long, but it’s now a pretty sizable blob of lace:

The red isn’t quite so glow-in-the-dark in real life, but you get the idea.

I also assuaged my sadness over the thread shortage with a fun project using these:

Can you guess what it is? No fair peeking at my Ravelry notebook!

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