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Coveting: First Glimpse of Fall

July 11, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “covet” post! Given I’m still pouting about not being selected for the Super Online Sewing Match (I will get over this someday…maybe…) and I’m not quite done with my denim dress, let’s take a look at some new knitting patterns that are cropping up.

It’s still the height of summer here, but when Knitty First Fall goes live, you know those cool September days will be here before long. I don’t always love Knitty patterns–oftentimes the aesthetic isn’t quite “me” enough to pick up my needles–but there were some particularly weird things going on this issue. There’s a gansey design that boasts its lack of seaming (seams are what maintain the structural integrity of a large, heavily cabled sweater like a men’s gansey) and another sweater that features Itata, a yarn that was discontinued several years ago (I know–I was sorely disappointed when it happened!). Despite these oddities, there were also some gems.

jackarooALTI’m loving the Jackaroo cardigan for library and coffee shop trips. It’s designed with 3/4 sleeves, which are perfect for me since I’m always shoving up my sleeves anyway, and I could tuck a few necessities into those front pockets. As the sample shows, it’s a great design to showcase some beautiful buttons. The only thing keeping me from bumping this to the top of the queue is the gauge–I’m mostly sticking to sport weight and smaller for my sweaters lately, as it’s more flattering on my smaller frame, but I may make an exception for this casual cardi.

SITbeautyThe Moufles marque d’amour are such a fresh, though vintage, take on colorwork mittens. The personalization with initials is such a nice touch–there’s something about mittens in general that make me think they should include special touches for the recipient.

gingerALT2I must be in the mood for knitted handwear, because the Ginger + Wasabi gloves also caught my eye. I’m not normally one to knit gloves, but this pattern looks like it would give me a high quality finished product, which might make knitting those fingers worthwhile.

I also have to mention the Vino fingerless mitts. I have no plans to knit them, as I rarely wear fingerless mitts anymore, but the opening blurb and the styling in the photos is just so fun!

What do you plan to knit for fall? Or is it too sweltering hot to even think about woolens in July?

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