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Fitting Pants, or, The Problem with Having a Butt

July 13, 2013

In case you didn't see my Tweet/Instagram, I want absolutely everyone to know that my denim dress is finally (finally!) finished! Modeled photos to come.

Now that that saga is over and my sewing machine has gotten a good cleaning (including Goo Gone to get some old adhesive off), I'm back to tackling the fit of my red pants. Here's what we're dealing with:

In front: the side seams need to be pulled in a bit to get the waistband to sit a little higher, those pockets are sticking out in a manner that Sweetie says makes me look like I'm wearing riding pants, and there's some serious crotch sag.

In back: they lay nicely across the butt, but there's way too much fabric at the upper thigh.

Thanks to my amazing local library, I have access to a bunch of pants construction resources including Pants for Real People by Palmer and Alto. Between that and my 24/7 phone sewing consultant, I've got a good idea of how to fix just about everything but the saggy crotch. That's gonna take some extra research.

I'm moving out of my current apartment in just two short weeks, and these pants are one of the projects I want in the finished pile before I go. Once I've fixed the fit, the rest of the construction should be pretty quick.


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