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Covet Wednesdays: A Knitting Community

August 14, 2013

I’m back in Pittsburgh after my brief vacation in State College, and I’m beginning to settle into my brand new apartment. It’s still lacking some important furniture to enable me to completely unpack, but we’re getting there, and I’m feeling like I have enough done that I can get back to my crafting and blogging.

I’ve mentioned before how moving across the country to take a risk on graduate school was a pretty big deal for us. One of the things I most dreaded leaving behind was the amazing community of knitters at my LYS. They got me through some big life events (including a wedding and a Master’s degree), and it was hard to imagine a lifestyle that didn’t include some time chatting with those ladies every week.

As it turns out, I was right to be nervous: my first apartment in Pittsburgh combined with my reliance on public transportation and a demanding schedule didn’t allow me to connect with any fellow knitters in my new city. But all of that has changed now that I’ve moved to a new, more convenient neighborhood. I’m able to walk to my new LYS, and if the ladies that were knitting there last Sunday are any indication, I think it’s going to be a good yarn “home” for me during these next years of my PhD.

I had a hard time deciding which project to bring along for my first afternoon at the LYS. I ultimately brought along three of them (oops!) and spent most of my time working on this:
UntitledIt’s a bag to hold my dance shoes as I go to and from ballet and tap, both of which I’m hoping to take classes in again this fall. The backdrop of the above photo is one of several comfy couches at my new LYS, and it was a great spot to knit, chat, and occasionally sip my coffee for the afternoon. I hope to have many more days like that one!

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