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Flat Sleeves

August 20, 2013

After I arrived in my new apartment, it took some willpower to keep from immediately unpacking all of my crafty stuff into its new space. But I managed to wait until after my kitchen, clothes, bathroom, and most of my office were unpacked before pulling out my sewing machines and my most recent project, a blue dotted blouse.
UntitledIt’s no secret that I’m a slow seamstress, and this blouse has certainly taken a while to put together. I’ve finally got the collar in, which you can see in the photo on yesterday’s post, so it’s just the sleeves, a hem, and some nonfunctional buttons to go. If I can avoid any more stupid mistakes (I seriously cut out the sleeve tabs three different times because I kept screwing them up), things should be pretty simple from here on out.

This blouse was originally supposed to be part of my summer work wardrobe, but considering my last day at my summer office job is tomorrow, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to settle for including it in my regular clothing rotation. To be honest, I’d really love to have this blouse finished to wear to my in-service day on Thursday, but with the aforementioned snail-pace sewing, as well as the other beginning-of-semester preparations on my plate, that might not happen. No worries–it’ll work just as well for a day teaching or studying.

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