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A Fall for Cotton Plan

September 17, 2013

Sweetie was in town this weekend, and amidst a million other errands (furniture! groceries! hooray!) we made it to the fabric store to pick up supplies for my Fall for Cotton project.
UntitledI’m starting with this 1940s reprint top out of a really fun vintage-inspired quilting cotton from Denyse Schmidt, who I would never have heard about if it wasn’t for our fearless leader, Rochelle. I don’t always make muslins for my garments, but I started working on one the other night because I’m not sure how the fit will work out with the waist tucks and the high neckline. If the neck proves to be too constricting, I may make another view of the pattern that’s more of a scoop.
UntitledHopefully I’ll be able to finish the top with enough time to make a skirt to wear with it before the challenge is finished! After looking through my book of 40s fashion, I realized that this modern Vogue pattern looks a lot like the skirts that I was seeing. I think that just adding some extra width to the waistband should give me the look I’m going for.

Neither of these garments is particularly complicated (although the top may be harder than it looks at first glance), which is great since this challenge only goes through the end of the month. By October I should have a great outfit to wear to my next lindy hop or balboa event.


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