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Fall for Cotton Preview

September 30, 2013

I was originally planning to make both a top and skirt for Fall for Cotton, but I didn’t get to the fabric store for materials until halfway through September, and a busy few weeks at work (it’s seriously nothing but deadlines this week) prevented me from finishing the skirt in time. I only have the waistband and hem to go, so hopefully the full outfit will make its appearance on the blog shortly.
Fall for Cotton Final ProjectThis is view C of Simplicity 1692, one of their reprint patterns. The fit is a little odd to get used to since the tucks don’t come all the way up to the bust like modern darts would. I dropped the neckline a bit (maybe 3/4″?) so that it wasn’t too tight, and I graded out a size at the hips, but otherwise I didn’t make any changes.
Fall for Cotton Final Project (detail)This fabric is a Denyse Schmidt quilting cotton from JoAnn’s, and above is a detail shot of the great shoulder button closures. It’s hard to tell from this image, but there are bias fabric loops around the buttons.

I was hoping for a clean Fall for Cotton finish with lots of vintagey photos to share today, but this blouse with my normal ‘do will have to suffice for now. At least there’s still plenty of time to finish the skirt before my next big dance event.

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