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Knitting Emergency

October 1, 2013

A few weeks ago, I was going about my business when a sudden terror gripped me: I had a week full of meetings, lectures, concerts, and an in-class film screening and no appropriate knitting! All of my projects were either too big to be portable, too complicated to knit when I needed to pay attention, or would get fuzz all over my clothes. That much passive downtime would totally make me fidget and struggle to pay attention, so I needed to find something to knit.

I looked through my ravelry queue on the bus ride home from work and then dug through my stash when I got back to the apartment. Of course (of course!), nothing I had would do. Luckily, I now live near a yarn shop and can pop in whenever I like (obviously, this could turn into a bad thing. so far we’re cool).
Honey CowlI indecisively hemmed and hawed around the shop for a good while and eventually decided on the Honey Cowl out of a dk weight Malabrigo. It’s perfect: the pattern is a simple slip stitch, and the merino is smooth enough that it doesn’t cover me in lint. It might pill like a mofo when the cowl is done, but this project is all about the process.
UntitledI cast on a few minutes before a brown bag workshop and knit through an event or two. But before I got too far, I realized that my haste had led me to make a terrible rookie mistake. Can you see it in the photo above? It’s in the image, but it’s long gone from the actual cowl. I suspected that I had twisted my cast on somewhere in the middle of a class film screening, so I kept knitting through the film and frogged the few inches that I had knit when I got home. It’s now back on the needles and even farther along than it was before.

The only problem with a project like this is keeping myself in check. The yarn feels so lovely that I want to work on this cowl all the time, but I really need to save it for special knitting occasions where I can’t work on anything else. Even so, I imagine that this cowl will be off the needles before it gets too chilly around here: Pittsburgh is supposedly going to have a really terrible winter this year. I’ll believe it when I see it, but just in case, I’ll keep on knitting the warm things.

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