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October 8, 2013

A while back it was all about sleeves over here. Now it’s all about the bands.
UntitledI’ve been stuck on the front band of my Amiga cardigan for altogether too long. This is partially because I haven’t had much knitting time lately, partially because it’s a wide band, and partially because it was, for a time, completely impossible to knit past 4 1/2″.

I finally broke free this evening and hit the 5″ mark. I’ve now bound off, and this cardigan is just waiting to be blocked. I’m still trying to decide which project should replace this one as my not-so-portable knitting. There are several WIP/UFO contenders–it’s just a matter of deciding which one I want to focus on next.
UntitledThis is the waistband of my Fall for Cotton skirt, which I haven’t touched since I realized it wouldn’t be done by the end of the sewalong. I’m posting it here as a little reminder to myself that I need to finish up this project before I can get going on some of the shiny new ones for which I have fabric. I just need to finish off the waistband, which is over half finished already, and then get to work on the very long hem.

I wrote in my planner that this week is all about finishing some of those lingering projects: academic, crafting, apartment establishing. I want to get some stuff off my mind and out of my way, and this seems like a good week to do it.

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