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UFO Mondays: Seaming Rivel

October 14, 2013

As I mentioned last time, there are several projects vying for my attention now that my Amiga cardigan is off the needles (photo shoot this weekend, I hope!), namely the second Sake sock, the flamingos, and the Rivel cardigan. In fact, I may have to adjust my self-imposed limit of two knitting projects and one sewing project for a while since I only work on the Honey cowl when I’m in meetings or at workshops.

I pulled out my Sake sock to knit on at the shop yesterday afternoon, but the project I really want to tackle next is my Rivel cardigan.
Rivel before seamingCrummy photos with rolled stockinette edges aside, this project is oh-so-close to being finished and wearable. I actually started seaming one of the sleeves in this summer but had a little trouble with it, so I’ll have to make sure that the sleeve caps were knit correctly before I go ahead and finish this sweater off. A fellow grad student lent me Penelope, so I may have to watch that while I finish slip stitching the waistband on my Fall for Cotton skirt and seam up this cardi. Handwork  party, anyone?

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