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Covet Wednesdays: Search for the Next Cardigan

October 16, 2013

Now that the Rivel cardigan is nearly finished–I installed the sleeves last night and just have the underarm seams to go–I’m looking for a cardigan to knit during this second year of my PhD (wouldn’t it be neat to end up with a sweater for each year? hopefully that would only be five sweaters. and a dissertation. and a degree).

I’m mostly over knitting sweaters for myself out of worsted weight yarn. I tend to end up disappointed with the gauge of the finished sweater, and I really have no need for a constant stream of finished sweaters at this point in my knitting career: it’s perfectly fine to take a long time knitting a sweater at a fine gauge. I also want this next cardigan to have enough detail to keep me interested but not be so complex that I can only work on it at home. And I’m thinking green, maybe kelly or emerald. Not sure why, but that’s how it is.

Here’s my pattern short list–all of them came from my preexisting Ravelry queue:

audrey_220Audrey in Unst has been in my queue for ages, and I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to cast on. It’s such a versatile design that it would look great with a lot of my outfits.

madrigal_b_500Madrigal is stunning in a way that would make me proud to answer “yes” to the question “did you make that?” Those lace panels are beautiful, and the plain back would make for great meeting/workshop/conference knitting.

IMG_2774Emelie is pretty and feminine in a way that isn’t too dressy. I could see myself wearing this cardigan pretty much every day after finishing it.

wanda nellWanda Nell might look like just another basic stockinette cardigan, but it’s got flattering shaping in all the right places. In retrospect, I wish I had used this pattern for my mustard cardigan (which may have been when the pattern found its way to my queue in the first place).

braidhill6Braid Hills may be the odd pattern out on this list. I love the cable detailing, but it may be a little too fiddly for me at the moment, especially with my Sake socks on the needles. I’m also not sure about that portrait neckline–would it work on me or simply look too big?

Full disclosure: I’ve actually already picked up yarn to knit one of these patterns. My LYS was having a sale, I was already planning a new cardigan, and it seemed like a good move. But I’m curious: which cardigan would you knit next?

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  1. hawaiianinpittsburgh permalink
    October 16, 2013 3:40 pm

    If I were at your level, I’d definitely choose the Madrigal. It’s gorgeous! I could see it working in emerald or any other jewel tone (or really, almost any other color or neutral), and I just think it’s a beautiful pattern. It’s something for me to work up to. 😉

    • redknitter permalink
      October 18, 2013 6:50 am

      Maybe the featured pattern photo has made me biased, but I really do think Madrigal would look best in a jewel tone.

      And J, you could totally make this sweater if you worked up to it by making either a simpler sweater or a lace project first so that you didn’t have too many new skills to balance in a single project. Seriously.

  2. October 16, 2013 8:45 pm

    Just my best guess..but I think the madrigal…but they are all gorgeous!


  1. PhD Sweaters | Red Knits

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