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Covet Wednesdays: Fall 2013 Twist Collective

October 23, 2013

Can you believe that Twist Collective has already been around for five years? I have to admit, that little fact made me feel kind of old and also like I’ve been knitting for an awfully long time. Which I guess I kind of have–it’s been about nine years now, and I’m only 27.

Anyway, there are lots of lovely knits in this new(ish) issue, but I’m getting more selective in my old knitting age. I only kept two designs in my queue, and I must be craving a nice big project, because these ones both fit the bill.


The first is Cemara, a stunning shawl with a pinecone motif. I would make the smaller version out of a green (I’m all about the green lately) or neutral colorway, and I would definitely add the beads! I haven’t done any beaded projects in a while. They’re a little extra work, but the payoff is totally worth it.


My other pick from this issue is Silverstone. It’s nothing too flashy, but this type of comfortable yet put-together look is exactly what I’ve been leaning towards lately. And check out the fiber content of the recommended yarn: 50% New Zealand Merino, 25% Nylon, 10% Angora, 10% Alpaca, 5% Silk Noils. If I could afford it on my grad student budget, there’d be a sweater quantity on its way to me now!

Thanks to Twist Collective for five years of beautiful designs and thoughtful articles. I look forward to the next five!

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