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UFO Mondays: Flamingo Style

October 28, 2013

A while back, I posted this teaser pic:
Untitledbut I never actually said what I was making. What inconsiderate blogging!

I’ve now set the project aside long enough that I’m calling it a UFO, so it’s about time I pull it out and show it to you.
Flamingo in progressThis is the first of two flamingos that I’m making for the new wee ones of my sorority sisters. The flamingo was our chapter’s mascot, so it seems appropriate to make some plushy flamingos for these two new legacies who were born to some ladies with whom I was quite close in college. Obviously this first guy needs a little more work–ends woven in, a tail, and some legs–before I send him on his way to Minnesota, but small projects like this don’t take too terribly long when I’m actually working on them. I’m messing around with the (free!) pattern a little bit, and I’ll try to remember to share my mods when I’m finished.

Food for thought: why doesn’t the plural of “flamingo” have an “-es” ending? Seems like it should. (for all of you out there wondering, no–this isn’t at all the kind of thing that I study as an English PhD student. just curious.)

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