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Covet Wednesdays: Feminine Tenth Doctor

October 30, 2013

I’m so excited to share my latest scheme that I hardly know where to begin!

As all of you Whovians out there know, the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who is coming up just before Thanksgiving. I won’t be watching it live because I’ll be at one of the PittStop Lindy Hop dances, so it only seems right to dress the part for that dance. As much fun as it might be to dress like one of the companions or make a Dalek dress, it’s the Doctor himself who keeps me coming back to the show, so I’m planning a feminine version of the Tenth Doctor. For your viewing pleasure–strictly research, of course!:
The Tenth DoctorI sure do love Tennant! My big plan is to make a skirt and vest inspired by his brown pinstripe suit and pair it with a white short sleeved button down, a tie, and some Chuck Taylors (sueded for the dance floor, of course). I’m hoping that this outfit will be recognizable, cute, and dance friendly.
Feminine 10For the skirt, I just dug through my pattern collection and decided to go with S2451 view D since it has some details that feel tailored to me, but it only has a front and back piece, so the pinstripes should look nice. I’ll likely omit the pockets so that I don’t have to worry about the matching there–it’s nice to have pockets on dresses and skirts, but I rarely use them and they add bulk. This view of the skirt is also short enough that it doesn’t require a back vent, which will make adding lining all the easier.

The vest was much trickier–do you realize how hard it is to find a fitted women’s vest pattern with a collar in 2013? I tried frankening together two patterns (thanks for the mail service, Mom!) but was quickly overwhelmed, so instead I went with a 1980s McCalls pattern from Bluetree Sewing Studio. Sue has been really helpful so far, and since she shipped my pattern out so quickly I’m expecting to see it in my mailbox any minute now. The only changes I plan to make are some pocket details to match the original.

My fabric is, admittedly, not fantastic–it’s just a polyester suiting that I ordered from Hancock. However, it’s a great match for the original suit, and I nabbed it on sale for only $4 a yard. I’m hoping these pieces will look normal enough that I can fit them into my regular wardrobe, but just in case they felt to costume-y, I didn’t want to drop too much money on the project.

I’m feeling great about my plan for this project, but please chime in if you:

  • know where to find some inexpensive Chuck Taylors in off white or red. I’ll be checking the thrift stores this weekend, otherwise I’m hoping to either hit a sale at Target for the “All Stars” or use a DSW coupon.
  • have any idea how to style women’s hair in a manner that is Tennant-esque but will still stay place while dancing at high speeds
  • know how to keep glasses on one’s face while spinning at even higher speeds and “glistening”



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