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Doctor Who Skirt Progress

November 12, 2013

Since I do most of my work from home these days, I tend to watch an episode of something or another while I’m eating lunch. Today was a mistake: I watched some Doctor Who, and all I wanted to do was keep watching rather than get back to my academic work! Responsibility prevailed, but I’ll certainly be watching an episode or two and working on my skirt before bed tonight.
DW skirt in progressThe skirt isn’t as far along as I’d like since I was out of town last weekend, but it’s progressing steadily. The pattern, S2451, is unlined, but I added a lining so that the skirt really feels finished. Both the inner and outer skirts are assembled, and the next step is installing the zipper. I’m not quite sure how well that’s going to go. This fabric is everything that’s wrong with polyester, so it’s really not pressing very well. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a stiff enough crease to make the zipper look nice.

I realized while watching Season 3 of Doctor Who that the pinstripes on his suit (or at least one of them) are actually blue! Oops! These white pinstripes are certainly more versatile, so I hope they look all right.

This whole outfit needs to be done in a little over a week and a half, which means I’ll be hitting the sewing machines and the thrift stores hard this weekend. Luckily Sweetie doesn’t mind keeping me company!

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