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Covet Wednesdays: Love That Plaid

December 4, 2013

Perhaps I’m taking the traits of my husband, who consistently dresses like a lumberjack, but I’m loving plaid this winter! I’ve been pinning my favorite looks, trying to decide which I like best for my own wardrobe. (Answer: all of them.)

Plaid Shirt


Eventually, I’ll just have to make a plaid Archer shirt, but first I need to finish the pumpkin one I started (and make the other I have fabric for…). And how amazing is that cozy herringbone vest? Sweetie and I were just talking about how we’d both like puffy vests, and he was lucky enough to find a really nice one at the thrift shop. I’m still on the hunt.

plaid dress


I was seriously contemplating a full-on plaid dress, but this interview with Kenneth King made me realize that I probably couldn’t pull off something so bold. This would be the kind of dress that enters the room before I do, so I’m going to stick with a smaller piece.

plaid please

Sources, clockwise from top left: 1 2 3 4 5

Ultimately, I decided to go with a skirt. I’m currently thinking a skirt with big pleats that hopefully isn’t too “kilt” or “private school.” We’ll see if that works out with the fabric I have, which is in two chunks, or if I need to go to Plan B. Regardless, I’d like something that hits above the knee so it doesn’t seem too conservative, and I want some fullness so I can wear it out dancing if I want to.

This may seem like an odd item to add to a wardrobe, but I can already think of a whole bunch of ways to wear it! That doesn’t always happen with my handmade garments–I often get stuck in a styling rut–so I think this is a very good sign. I’m hoping to make this in time for the gatherings coming up this holiday season, so I’ll post my game plan soon!

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