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UFO Mondays: Duluth Skyline Hat

January 13, 2014

Welcome to another year of chipping away at that UFO pile of mine!
Duluth Skyline 1/3 completeWhen I was packing projects for my trip to Minnesota, I thought that a return to my LYS would be the perfect time to pull out my Duluth Skyline Double Knit Hat. This project was originally a test knit for my friend’s design (and I did do some technical editing for her), but she moved on with her life and never published the pattern. I’m going to get in touch when this one is finished and see if she’s still interested in publishing since there was some interest around the knitting table when I was working on it.

This hat is double knit, which means it’s completely reversible, but unlike many double knit patterns it is different on each side. On one side it’s daytime and the lift bridge is up, and on the other it’s night and the bridge is down. That makes for some clever design work and tricky knitting that takes a fair amount of concentration.

Last seen: April 2010, although I don’t think it made it onto the blog

Reason for abandonment: Double knitting is slow work to begin with, and when I was an inch or so into this hat I found I was really unhappy with the appearance of my gauge. I set the project aside rather than fixing it right away (I swear I’m getting better about that!).

Assessment: I took another look at my gauge when I unearthed this project and ripped it out to start over with a size smaller needles. I’m much happier with the look now, and I’m 1/3 of the way through the chart. This kind of project is for dedicated knitting time only, so the progress might be slow but I have high hopes for a finished hat soon.

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