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Weekender in the Interim

January 14, 2014

I felt a little bit lost in my sewing when I got back home at the beginning of January. I had finished my Archer shirt before our trip, so I hadn’t left any projects waiting for me. I have big plans to make an Albion coat for Sweetie during the Colette sewalong (although I may try to finish early so he has it for his trip to Chicago), but that doesn’t begin until the 24th.

I took a look at my list of sewing plans for this winter, and while I thought about working on my Lady Grey coat (we could both have new coats for our travels!) or picking up a UFO like my red pants or plum dress, I ultimately settled on an Amy Butler Weekender bag.
Weekender BagThis project has been waiting for me for a while now. I’m fairly certain that I picked it out during my first year of grad school (2009/10–yikes!) when I wanted something to haul my stuff around campus that looked more professional than a backpack. I started cutting it out at a crafting party that winter, but that’s as far as I got at the time.

A few months ago, I stumbled across some blog posts that showed me the infamy of this pattern–apparently it’s known for being quite a bear! I’ve survived the piping on the main pocket, so I hope that the only other part that’s really difficult to manage is piping/seaming the outside of the main panels. Other than that, it seems like it will just be a matter of manipulating lots of thick layers.

I have several conference trips coming up, and I think this will be a great bag to take along for all of my extra stuff like work and presentation materials, my iPad, and of course a knitting project. Great incentive to push through the tricky parts and finish this project before the Albion sewalong begins!


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