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Beginning Albion

January 28, 2014

We’re only a few days into the Albion sewalong, but I feel like my adventure is well underway.

I worked up and adjusted a muslin of the coat over winter break so that I could jump right into the final coat once the sewalong began. Sweetie has a pretty odd shape: he’s got a very long torso and arms, and for the most part he’s quite slim except that he also has broad shoulders. This meant we had to make some substantial adjustments so the coat would fit across the back of his shoulders but lay flat.

Sundays are my day off from academic work, so I pre-shrunk my fabric, transferred my alterations to the pattern pieces, and started cutting. My lining hasn’t arrived yet–I actually ordered it on Sunday evening–but I was able to cut out the outer fabric, interlining, and polyester sleeve lining. There are only a few more pieces left for the lining, so even with the plaid matching, they shouldn’t take long to cut out once the fabric arrives.
Albion yokesIf I was sticking to my plan to finish my WIPs before moving on to new projects, I would have dutifully finished my Weekender bag. But I pretty much want to throw that project against a wall, so it’s sitting in time out for a bit. I’ve started assembling the coat, and I plan to hopscotch along as necessary since some steps require the lining pieces that aren’t ready yet. This wool is behaving really nicely so far, and the seams are pressing beautifully before I finish them off with double-thread  topstitching at a long stitch length.
Albion interfacingThis isn’t a fully tailored coat–it doesn’t even have a collar–but after reading Jen’s post on coat making, I decided to add some fusible interfacing to the yoke and underarms to combat stretching. Sweetie is really hard on his clothes, so I want to do everything I can to help this coat last a long time.

Next up while I wait for the lining to arrive is the outer part of the hood. I’d love to work on it tonight, but the presence of a fire truck outside my window in the middle of the night (which was taking care of the smoke coming out of the building across the alley) means I’m so low on sleep that I may just crash after night class.

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  1. Red's Mom permalink
    January 28, 2014 10:05 pm

    After looking at your photos, I’m wondering if you should try topstitching a little farther away from the seam lines? Might give the coat a more solid, manly feel (or maybe not…just a guess!) Give it a try and see if you like it better. Double thread and long stitch length are both great choices – keep up the great work!

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