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Covet Wednesdays: LumberChic

February 5, 2014

My Albion coat deadline is now a week away, and I’ve got some work to do! Why one week? Sweetie is going to a conference in Chicago to interview for faculty positions, so it’s the perfect time for him to have a nice custom-made coat.

Lately, I’ve been describing his style as “lumberchic”–he’s got a solid beard and loves to wear plaid flannel shirts, but he also dresses things up with vests and bow ties and is now topping off his look with a vintage-inspired haircut. We spent last weekend shopping for some nicer but still rustic interview clothes for him to bring along to Chicago, and here’s what we were thinking of when we hit the stores:

We were on the lookout for crisp dress shirts that are somewhere between business and casual, a slim-fitting tweedy vest, dark wash jeans (yes, jeans. apparently jeans are acceptable interview attire for artists), and a new belt to replace his old broken one. We found just about everything he needed at really reasonable prices, and he snuck some fabric for new ties and bowties into my basket at JoAnn’s.

If you want to see more inspiration for the lumberchic look, check out our Pinterest board. And if you’re also looking to shop the lumberchic look on a budget, we had the best luck at H&M and the Gap.

I don’t normally do this around here, but I’m going to close with a shameless plug. My husband is currently raising funds for his MFA Thesis show, “Wooded Folk,” through an IndieGoGo campaign. This guy has big things ahead of him in the sculpture world, and this solo art show is the last big step in his MFA program. Our fellowships don’t exactly pay well, and the kind of work that he creates ain’t cheap, so we’d love it if you checked out his project and donated or spread the word if you feel so inclined.

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