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A Little Bit Behind

February 26, 2014

I knew well in advance that this month was going to be a crazy one, with Sweetie and I both traveling to conferences in addition to the usual grad school teaching and studenting stuff. I had hoped to stay on top of things well enough to keep up with the Albion sewalong and the Ravellenic Games, but I’ve fallen behind on both accounts. But even though I’m running late, I’m nearing the finish line on both projects.
Albion ToggleAlbion is oh so close to done! I was super nervous about attaching these toggles, and I’m really happy to have that step behind me. In order to give myself the best chance, I chalked vertical lines on the coat for alignment (you can still see a little pink because I haven’t brushed it out), and I used a glue stick to temporarily attach the toggles. Now that this step is complete, I just need to hem the lining, which I’m hoping to take care of tonight. Sweetie has secured the assistance of a photographer friend to take photos of the finished coat–I’m so excited to share them here!
Ravellenic Twist piecesI knit furiously on my Ravellenic Twist Pullover in the car on the way home from the Louisville Conference, but I just couldn’t make the finish line by the end of the Games. Perhaps I would have made it if I hadn’t lengthened the sleeves to hit just above the elbow, but I think this will be a better look for me. I’ve now finished all the knitting and need to seam things up.

Spring break starts on Friday as soon as I’ve handed in a paper (hooray!), and I’m hoping to finish off both of these projects before I head to State College for a week with Sweetie and my cats. I. Can’t. Wait.

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