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March 14, 2014

About a month ago, my office was abuzz with the news that not only were two of our own expecting a little girl, but the pregnancy was already nearly 8 months along! Today we threw the new parents a baby shower, and the guest of honor even managed to crash the party: Brynn was born a little bit early but is doing very well.
Brynn ShowerOf course, I’m a firm believer in surrounding new little humans in handknit things, so I immediately started planning my project. I started with Lillie’s Little Sweater, which, in my opinion, is a classic. I’ve made it several times before, so I knew it would be no problem to finish it in time for the shower.
Brynn's LillieBrynn has dual citizenship with Canada and the US (earning her the nickname half-breed), so my original plan was to put a flag patch for each country on each sleeve. That fell through when I couldn’t find patches in stores, but I had a Plan B: dinosaur buttons to go with the nursery theme.
Brynn's Lillie buttonsUnfortunately, those didn’t work out either. I ended up with these daisy buttons because they’re the right size, they’re cute, and they aren’t some crazy shape that will be impossible to button on a squirming baby. Not what I had planned, but I think they work.
Brynn's Lillie sleeveI don’t know why, but these cute little cuffs get me every time. Adorable. This sweater won’t fit her for a while (thanks to Jean for the sizing recommendations!), but maybe I’ll get a picture of her when it does.

Other than that, there’s not much more to say. A TNT pattern + washable yarn + cute buttons = baby shower success.

Pattern: Lillie’s Little Sweater from Cottage Creations
Yarn: ~2.25 skeins Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted #313 Sage
Needles: US 7 bamboo circs and dpns
Made for: Baby Brynn
Timeline: March 1-11, 2014
Modifications: none
Worst Part: adjusting my vision more than once
Best Part: the new parents’ reaction

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  1. hawaiianinpittsburgh permalink
    March 14, 2014 6:57 pm

    Adorable! Crafted baby things are so cute.

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