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Wasabi Sake Socks

April 11, 2014
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I was really hoping to write this post while wearing a pair of newly finished red pants, but that just didn’t work out. Ever since I got back from my conference in New York, things seem to be taking much longer than expected. Reading, research, writing, grading, lesson planning, and even crafting: it’s all moving in slow motion. I’m hoping to have a really productive weekend–I sure need one at this point in the semester–but who knows how it will go.

All this is to say that today I have photos of a project I finished in the fall and never posted about here.
Wasabi SakesThese are my Wasabi Sakes, one of the wildest pairs of socks I’ve knit to date. Surprisingly, I’ve received more compliments on this yarn than I can remember from any of my other socks. I didn’t expect such bright green yarn to be so popular! These socks were a ton of fun to knit, but they were pretty intense: some of the charts take up a full page in an already sizeable book.

Wasabi SakesWhenever I talk to knitters who are nervous about taking on a big project like a sweater or something knit at a fine gauge, I always assure them that those kinds of projects are merely exercises in endurance. They aren’t necessarily more difficult than other projects; the challenge is in seeing the project through to the finish line. This was definitely one of those endurance projects. The big charts and twisted stitches weren’t anything new to me–goodness knows I’ve knit enough Cookie A. patterns for these techniques to be familiar–but it was slow going, and they took a long time to finish. Worth it.

Pattern: Cookie A’s Sake from Knit. Sock. Love.
Yarn: ~1 skein Araucania Ranco Solid #126
Needles: US 0 dpns
Made for: Me
Timeline: 30 April 2011 – 12 November 2013
Modifications: none
Worst Part: the huge charts limited where I could work on these
Best Part: they make me feel like a badass knitter

Thanks to Mom for photographing these while I was home for a visit and tolerating my polka dot tights (even though I don’t think she wanted to be seen in public with me).

I’m planning to work even harder on cutting down my UFOs this summer as I prepare to (most likely) move yet again, so this won’t be the last you see of Cookie A. socks around here–I still have plenty of second socks to finish from my Sock Innovation project. Some day I’ll get to the bottom of this UFO pile I’ve built up.

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