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UFO Mondays: Vilai

April 14, 2014

Remember how I said on Friday that I needed to have a productive weekend? I did! I finished grading a round of papers, worked on my exam lists, came up with a topic for one of my final papers (I was really cutting it close…), finished my red pants, and started my birthday dress! More on those last two later this week.

Hopefully I’ve got my groove back, because on Wednesday I’m hopping a Megabus over to Sweetie’s for Easter Break (one of the perks of being on a Catholic campus. They won’t pay for birth control, but at least we get a long weekend for Easter). I’m going to spend most of the weekend drafting these papers, but I also plan to have some quality time snuggling my kitties and lounging around with Sweetie. Lounging, of course, means knitting.

I’m going to bring along the red scarf I’m knitting for a friend, but I’m honestly not sure how much longer that project is going to take, and I want to bring a UFO as well. I pulled out Vilai, one of my many unfinished socks. I’m looking forward to the day when I have only one pair of socks in progress.
vilaiLast seen: July 2009

Reason for abandonment: the Sock Innovation class that resulted in a lot of single socks

Assessment: I haven’t even started the second sock, and I remember this pattern being pretty involved, so this one may take me a little while.

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