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Big Floral Skirt for Spring

May 15, 2014

Steve's GraduationIt’s official! We are now a dual-Master’s degree household!

My husband graduated with his MFA in Studio Art last weekend, and I am so darn proud of him! He’s been hard at work on this degree for two years now, and it has been amazing to see him getting such a great response to his sculptural work. We’re still waiting to see where life is going to take him next (cross your fingers for us in this job market–it’s been a long year of applications!), but I know he’s going to do some awesome stuff.
Floral SkirtAs an academic myself, I was tempted to wear my own academic regalia to his commencement ceremony, but I thought that might be frowned upon. Luckily, I finished my big, bold floral skirt in time to bring it along with me. This is Simplicity 2512 view D in a cotton I picked up on clearance at JoAnn’s. As this was also my daily Me-Made-May outfit, I’ll mention that I wore it with an Old Navy blouse, Clarks wedges, some earrings from a boutique shop, and bright pink nail polish.
Floral SkirtAfter working up two muslins for my failed attempt at drafting a pencil skirt, I just did a quick tissue fit on this pattern and cut into my fashion fabric with little more than a prayer. Given the hip fitting issues I typically have, this fits me pretty darn well straight out of the envelope. In fact, if I were to make it again, I would likely just cut a size bigger so that the skirt sat a little lower on me. As is, it’s too short for me to be comfortable while teaching. Also, that faux wrap front could easily lead to a fashion faux-pas if I took a long enough stride–I think I’ll put a tack in the front to keep from overexposure.
Floral Skirt insideApologies for this indoor photo with artificial light, but I just had to share the insides of this skirt. I had always intended for this to be a quick project, so I wasn’t going for any construction awards. But I think that the combination of the underlining and the bias tape bindings make for a really sharp finish. If I had had more bias tape and time, I also would have bound the side seam allowances for consistency, but serging will be just fine. I also moved the invisible zipper from the center back to a side seam so I could cut the back on fold and avoid either slicing up my print or messing with pattern matching.

It was great to have such a cute and quick project after finishing off my semester, and I’m looking forward to plenty more sewing this summer!

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