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Me-Made-May ’14 Week 3 Update

May 18, 2014

We’re now over halfway through Me-Made-May, and I haven’t had to repeat a handmade garment yet! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep that up through the end of the month, but if the weather allows for it I’ll try.
MMM14-12It got really hot over here at the beginning of the week, so I was glad I packed some dresses and skirts for my visit to Sweetie’s. On Day 12, I wore my denim dress, a red polka dot Merona cardigan, Clarks wedges (I took the photo before I left town, so it shows the wrong shoes), and my favorite bird and flower earrings. We spent a lot of the day working on job applications and wandered over to the AAUW book sale in the evening.
MMM14-13Day 13 was also hot, and we spent part of it in Sweetie’s campus studio, which doesn’t have air conditioning. I wore a Muppet Show tee (a gift from a friend), my Beignet skirt, clearance Loft cardigan, black flats, and green hoops.
MMM14-14We headed back to Pittsburgh on Day 14, and I went in to campus for some meetings. I wore my charcoal gray dress, which has probably gotten more wear than anything else I’ve made, black flats, and a crazy necklace that Sweetie made for me.
MMM14-15Sorry for this blurry photo–it looked just fine on the small screen. On Day 15, I wore an H&M tee, my Liesl cardigan, Old Navy skinnies, Target brogues, and flower and bird earrings. We had an unscheduled day, so we went to the public library. I picked up some sewing books, of course.
MMM14-16My favorite jazz band was playing on Day 16, so I got all dolled up vintage style. I wore a (yet to be blogged) blouse made by me, a skirt made from a vintage reproduction pattern by mom, Ann Marino bow heels to and from the dance, Aris Allen heels on the floor, and dangly pearl earrings. I topped off the look with red lipstick and my first somewhat successful attempt at victory rolls (previous tries have resulted in a lot of swearing). I was so flattered when the band leader thanked me for “bringing my 40s” because I “pretty up the place”!
MMM14-17My LYS held a coffee house event on Day 17, so J and I headed over to pick out yarn for her next sweater (spoiler alert–it’s going to be gorgeous!). I wore a purple Mossimo tee, my Whisper cardigan, Old Navy black skinnies, black flats, my pearl necklace, and amethyst earrings made by Sweetie.
MMM14-18I headed back to my LYS on today, Day 18–my traveling, husband-seeing, and academic-ing schedule during the semester kept me away from the shop for the better part of the last six months, so I’m making up for lost time. I wore a teacup dress from the Gap (love this one!), my unblogged Millefiori cardigan (which is light green despite my photo), some very light pink fishnet kind of tights I got on clearance at Target, pink ballet flats, and pearl earrings.

Two more weeks to go!


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