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UFO Mondays: The Big One

May 19, 2014

Ahh, summer. Despite making time for crafting year round to maintain my sanity during the academic year, I always kick my knitting and sewing into high gear once spring semester is over. I have to imagine that it dates back to my years as a 4-Her, frantically sewing up my garments for the summer competitions.

I’ll be packing up and moving yet again this summer. I’m not sure just where I’m headed yet or even if I’ll get to live with my husband this time, but I do know that I need to purge and pack my stuff once more. As usual, that means some focused effort on finishing up my projects in order to move garments rather than supplies.
SewingMany of my sewing projects are not UFOs, but projects for which I have all of the supplies and just need to get sewing. Here’s my plan:

  • I’m starting with projects that can be worn in the summer months, as that’s still a part of my wardrobe that’s lacking. These projects include a couple of floral shirts, the Weekender bag that has really needed to be finished for a while now, a UFO cocktail dress in case something more formal comes up, and possibly a floral shift dress.
  • Next, I’d like to work on dress shirts for Sweetie as he (hopefully) transitions from grad school into his new job. I haven’t yet decided if I want to alter the Negroni pattern or if I’d like to try the method David Coffin outlines in Shirtmaking.
  • This might sound odd, but I’d also like to finish my Lady Grey coat, which is completely cut out, this summer. The lack of a cold weather deadline will allow me to relax and enjoy the tailoring process, and it wouldn’t be the first summer that found me working on a completely seasonally-inappropriate project.
  • There are also a few random projects that seem like they’d be good for summer, including lining a felted bag, finishing an embroidered pencil bag, and finishing a baby quilt that was originally going to be a gift.

Knitting Basket and PileAs far as knitting is concerned, I’m largely going to tackle those UFOs that are still around from my time working at the LYS with a few other projects thrown in.

  • I’ve had two long term sweaters in progress for a while now, my mom’s Whistler and my Emelie. I’ll keep plugging away on them, but there’s no rush to finish either one over the summer.
  • The second socks from my Sock Innovation project have simply got to go. They’ve been UFOs for way too long.
  • I have two summery sweaters that I’d like to finish up so I can wear. One is Goodale, which I think I need to rip out and re-knit in a smaller size or at a smaller gauge. The other is Wallis, a sweater for which I bought all of the yarn before leaving my LYS job and haven’t started knitting yet. My intention was to have something to wear when teaching in August since I have trouble finding ways to dress professionally when it’s hot and humid.
  • Again, I’d also like to finish some random projects like some crocheted washcloths and a little knit doll.

This is certainly an ambitious list: I’m not likely to finish everything on it, and I’ll probably start some new projects, too. However, I found it really helpful to have a sort of crafting schedule during the winter and spring to give me a sense of direction. Without it, I’ll stare at my projects instead of just choosing one to work on.

Are you happier with a crafting list, or do you like to pick up your projects on impulse?




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