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First Up…

May 20, 2014

First up on my summer sewing list is another version of Grainline’s Archer shirt in this floral linen:
Floral Linen Archer fabricThis is another JoAnn buy, and I actually picked it up at the same time as I bought fabric for my first Archer. There was just enough left on the bolt for a shirt in my size, which was a relief since I love this fabric. I’ve been wanting to make up this shirt ever since I bought the fabric last fall, but I was waiting until spring so I could wear it right away after it was finished.
Original Archer back fitI’m hoping to get a better fit on the back of this version. I checked out Fit for Real People from the library and determined from the vertical wrinkles (not to be confused with the smooshed in my closet wrinkles) that I have a narrow back. Since this shirt fits well across the yoke, I need to get rid of excess fabric in the main back piece. The book recommended taking that fabric from the back pleat, which is exactly what I’m going to try with this second version.

My other alteration will be to use the plackets from Colette’s Negroni shirt pattern instead of the Archer ones. The loose weave of the linen on my first Archer meant that the plackets pulled away at the top before I had even finished the shirt, so I’m hoping the Negroni plackets will be sturdier.

I had a chance to cut out my new Archer over the weekend, so now I just need to get to my sewing machine. My first Archer went pretty smoothly, and I’m hoping this one goes a little more quickly now that I have one under my belt.

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