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Me-Made-May ’14 Week 4 Update

May 25, 2014

The end is in sight! There’s less than one week left in Me-Made-May, and I’m pretty sure I’ll make it! Here’s what I wore this week:
MMM14-19I spent the first part of Day 19 in RTW clothes because I had a campus meeting followed by a dusty cleanup of the grad office. I went to a friend’s Fabulous Feminist Birthday party that evening, so I changed into my own birthday dress, a Merona cardigan, and black flats.
MMM14-20Day 20 was pretty warm here, and I wanted to be comfortable at the LYS while helping a friend begin her new sweater. I wore a thrifted black knit Merona dress (one of the most versatile garments I own), my Damson shawlette, black flats, and beaded hoop earrings. The bumper sticker in the photo was a prize from the aforementioned Feminist party.
MMM14-21On Day 21, I got sick of waiting for my committee’s approval to start reading for my comprehensive exams, so I spent my day alternating between a Stephen Crane novel and working on my floral Archer top while wearing my floral Renfrew (floral doesn’t go out of style, so I think it’s a safe sew) and bootcut jeans from the Gap.
MMM14-22I meant to go to my regular swing night on Day 22–hence the two pairs of shoes–but we decided to meet up with friends instead. I wore a Merona tee, my ruffle pocket skirt (unblogged), navy knockoff Keds, and a necklace Mom sent me for my birthday.

Sweetie and I both felt awful on Day 23, so I didn’t even change out of my jammies or leave my apartment. We spent the day curled up watching Scrubs on Netflix, and I made a little bit of progress on my Archer shirt and a knitting project. It used to be that lots of my pajamas were handmade since that was our go-to project for a 4-H sewing overnight, but now none of them are, so no MMM photo for that day.
MMM14-24Yesterday, Day 24, was one of the best days we’ve had in a while. We took a long walk from my apartment through a huge park in Pittsburgh, over to the main branch of the public library, into the Oakland neighborhood by Pitt’s campus, and back. It was a beautiful day for a walk, and I didn’t even get sunburned. I wore an olive tee my sister cast off and gave to me, Gap bootcuts, some old “running” shoes, a silver bib style necklace, and my Twist pullover (which I took off a mile or so into our walk).
MMM14-25I’m practically cheating today. We’re once again sticking around the house, so I went with some capri length sweats from Target, a Navy tee that my brother-in-law, who enlisted last year, gave me, and one of my pairs of Turkish bed socks. This “outfit” is so boring that I told Sweetie to make the photo more interesting somehow, so he laid it on top of one of his vinyl pieces, which he’s slowly weeding today.

I’ll be back next weekend with the final update of Me-Made-May and some overall thoughts on this project.

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