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Me-Made-May ’14: Final Update and Reflections

June 1, 2014

My first Me-Made-May has come to a close, and I’m calling it a success. I set out to wear one handmade garment or accessory every day. I had one day where I didn’t get dressed at all because I wasn’t feeling well and another day where I practically cheated by wearing handknit socks (even though they count on a technicality), but I had two days that called for two separate me-made outfits and I didn’t repeat any of my handmade items. So, 31 outfits in total with no me-made repeats. Win.

Here’s what I wore in the final week:
MMM14-26Day 26 was Memorial Day in the U.S. Although Sweetie and I didn’t have any festive plans, I saved my red, white, and blue nautical Sorbetto for the occasion, wearing it with black Old Navy skinny jeans, Target sandals, bird earrings, and teal polish on my toes.
MMM14-27On Day 27, I went into campus for a meeting wearing the Archer shirt I had just finished that morning with a denim skirt that I bought in high school (and would eventually like to replace with something handmade since the fit isn’t great), Clarks wedges, arrowhead earrings, and a turquoise necklace that my grandma gave me. I got several compliments on my new shirt, which made me happy.
MMM14-28Day 28 brought yet another meeting, so I wore my unblogged sleeveless cowlneck top from the Selfish Seamstress, a charcoal skirt from Forever 21, black flats, and black beaded earrings.
MMM14-28.2I then had a costume change for a friend’s going away party (miss you already, J!). I wore a very old, seldom worn, and unblogged striped top, really old khaki bermudas from American Eagle or Aeropostale, Clarks wedges, and a silver bib necklace.
MMM14-29I felt super lazy on Day 29, which was another stay at home day. I had no intention to leave my warm apartment because I was determined to finish Sister Carrie, so I cuffed my red pants and wore them with a Target tee and silver hoop earrings.
MMM14-30Day 30 involved some administrative work for our grad organization followed by a drive back to Sweetie’s place to visit our cats and start packing. I opted for comfy, cute, and easy with my feathered Anda dress, black flats, belt, and arrowhead earrings.
MMM14-31I celebrated the last day of MMM with an outfit that makes me especially happy. This dress was super cheap at Forever 21 over a year ago, but I love it, Sweetie loves it, and I get compliments whenever I wear it. I’ll have to make a replacement when this one bites the dust. I topped it off with my Knitting Pure and Simple cardigan, black flats, the belt that came with the dress, and pearl jewelry.

Me-Made-May was a great way to think about my wardrobe as I enter a new phase of my Ph.D. program and prepare to move all of my clothes into a new apartment. Here are some of my thoughts on the project:

  • Me-Made-May was a great motivator for me. In addition to keeping up with my normal crafting by finishing a dress, scarf, skirt, socks, and tops, I also did the finishing work on a longtime UFO, tacked down a skirt lining, photographed some long-finished projects, and pulled out some handmade garments that I don’t wear regularly.
  • I regularly think about how I’m presenting myself, but Me-Made-May got me thinking about this even more. I did a big purge of my closet near the beginning of the month, and the main question I asked myself when deciding what to donate was whether each item presented the version of myself that I wanted to share. I’m sure this was also due to finishing the coursework portion of my Ph.D. and watching a fair amount of What Not to Wear on Netflix at the beginning of the month.
  • I’ve realized just how many of the non-me-made items I wear in my everyday life come to me as a result of fast fashion. I need to do some thinking about how to approach this problem. I don’t have the time, or even necessarily the desire, to make my entire wardrobe at this point, so I need to decide how I want to buy the things I wear most like skinny jeans, t-shirts, and fine gauge cardigans–thrifting might be part of the answer, but I think cutting down my wardrobe and saving for higher quality items is another part. I also really need to save up some money for some shoes that are good to my sad little feet. One pair is not cutting it.
  • Right now, I’m focusing on finishing up the projects I’ve already started and already have supplies for. When I turn to new projects, I’ll be thinking even more about creating versatile items that will work in the various facets of my life and be worn regularly.

That’s it for me this year. I’ve had a great time joining in on the blog and on Instagram, and perhaps I’ll play again next May!


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  1. Red's Mom permalink
    June 1, 2014 9:55 pm

    Hmmmm…that last dress seems like a great foundation for a Disney-bounding mini wardrobe!

  2. June 2, 2014 9:28 am

    Nice job!! I love how you have a variety of items that you have made..and I would totally count handknit socks! They are a lot of work–in fact, you could count them as two items! 🙂

    • June 2, 2014 9:38 pm

      Leah, I like that math! And thanks so much for your kind words. Really, the variety of makes comes from my boredom with doing too much of the same thing, but I’m delving into a month or so of shirtmaking now. We’ll see how it goes.

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