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A Little Doll for Someone

June 15, 2014

Little DollAll too many years ago, I started making this little doll. Someone I knew was expecting their second child, and I thought it would be nice to make one of these dolls, which someone else at my LYS had been making, for the new big sister. At the time, I didn’t get any further than a head, torso, and arms, and she sat in my UFO bin until long after the original recipient would have enjoyed her. As part of my UFO elimination efforts this summer, I pulled her out to finish even though I don’t know who she’ll belong to–I plan to tuck her away until the right person comes along.
Little Doll faceI don’t often make stuffies because they’re not the kind of fiddly work that I enjoy, and I especially dislike adding on things like faces. Hers isn’t perfect, but it will have to do. And forgive her bangs: they need to spend some time with gravity to settle down!
Little Doll backOn the back there’s a whole lot of hair, which I made out of leftover sock yarn that has a perfect texture, and tie closures that were added in as I knit rather than connected separately. There were some nice features in this pattern, but overall I don’t think I would recommend it to the beginner knitters that this booklet seems to target, as the instructions assumed a little too much prior knowledge from the knitter. Additionally, if I were to make any more clothes for this doll, I would likely use finer yarn than the worsted the pattern calls for because my little dress and pantaloons turned out so big. No harm done this time, though–aside from the doll’s body, all of the yarn I used in this project was left over from previous projects.

Pattern: Cutie Pies from The Well-Rounded Knitter Leisure Arts booklet
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull #4401 (body), Juniper Moon Farm Sabine #06 (dress), JarboGarn Raggi #1500 (pantaloons), Regia Extra Twist Merino #09352 (hair)
Needles: US 3 circulars
Made for: a gift?
Timeline: ? – 5 June 2014
Modifications: added an inch or so to the skirt of the dress for decency
Worst Part: making the face look half decent
Best Part: her fabulous hair

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