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It’s Never Easy with This Guy

June 17, 2014

When it comes to sewing for my husband, it seems like every project is a bit of an ordeal. Patterns just don’t base their fit on 6’4″ guys who carry most of their height in the torso. For example, according to my handy dandy summer sewing schedule, I was going to figure out the fit of Sweetie’s shirt on the side and then sew up the first edition in time for our upcoming anniversary.
Shirt fittingThis was waaay easier said than done thanks to the shoulder/sleeve cap/underarm fitting issues we’re dealing with. In the print pattern on the left is a size medium of Negroni, which we thought might be too small from the underarms up. We decided to try muslining up a size, so in the solid on the right is a size large. Unfortunately, both of them are bunching horribly on both the body and sleeve side of the sleeve seam in front and back.

After consulting with my Sewing Advisory Board, I altered the size medium by doing a sloping shoulder alteration, dropping the bottom of the armhole an additional 1/2″, and raising the curve of the sleeve cap by 1″. Although the wrinkles are perhaps not quite so severe, they’re definitely still there, and I’m pretty frustrated that after four muslins I haven’t even been able to achieve the ill fit of his RTW shirts.
Pajama ShortsSince the shirt project is going to take substantially more time and perhaps even a change of patterns, I’m going to work on a project that is actually a more immediate need for Sweetie: pajama shorts. The poor guy has spent his summers sleeping in board shorts for as long as I’ve known him, and this summer he finally decided he’d like some proper sleep shorts.

Of course, even a quick and easy project like pajama shorts can’t be simple for this guy! We realized after we already had the pattern, Simplicity 1563, that in order for these shorts to really be all he had ever wanted in a pair of pajama shorts, we needed to add a button-front fly and some pockets. He chose two lightweight flannels, and I’m hoping to snag a tall table in his studio tomorrow so I can cut out the gray pair without scooting around on the floor.

Despite all this trouble, he’s definitely worth sewing for. He has a really hard time finding affordable clothes that fit properly, and he’s done enough sewing to appreciate the effort I put into these projects.

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