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Covet Wednesdays: Non-Awful Shorts

June 18, 2014

I’m not normally one to wear shorts. I think that most people have something about their body that they don’t completely love, and, despite being relatively thin all over, I’m not a huge fan of my thighs. And especially not my thighs while wearing shorts and sitting down so they spread out to twice their regular size.

When I lived in Minnesota, I could get away with wearing jeans just about year-round because our sweltering hot season was pretty short and I was normally going from air conditioned home to air conditioned work. If it was really hot out–normally for only a few weeks of summer–I would be able to get by with skirts and capri pants.

Here in Pennsylvania, summer is more brutal and lasts longer, so I feel it’s time to find some shorts that work for me. I’ve got two different patterns in mind, and both of them are from indie designers:
Shorts patternsOn the left are the infamous Sewaholic Thurlows, which are a classic design with slash pockets in front, welt pockets in back, and cuffed hems. On the right are the Grainline Maritime Shorts, which are a more casual style with curved pockets in front and patch pockets in back. Both patterns have been thoroughly praised in reviews, and I’ve had great success with other patterns from both designers. Really, I can’t go wrong, but I’m leaning towards the Maritime pattern for its casual feel.

My other dilemma is what to make them out of: solid? which color? print? understated or loud? I’m hoping to make two versions of whichever pattern I go with, and between the two I’d like them to go with just about any top I’d pair with them without being completely boring. Khaki is not an option. From there, I think a key to making these shorts flattering will be finding the right inseam length–long enough to feel covered, short enough to feel cute.

I’m not sure when I’ll even get to this project. It would be really fantastic to have these shorts for this summer, but my real deadline is a family trip to DisneyWorld next spring. When it comes to a handmade travel wardrobe, a gal’s got to plan ahead!

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  1. Mary N. permalink
    June 19, 2014 11:42 am

    I love the Maritime Shorts. I’ve made them several times now and they’re great.

    • June 23, 2014 8:59 pm

      Thanks, Mary! I’ve seen a lot of positive responses to the Maritime shorts on the blogosphere–glad you were happy with yours.


  1. Polka Dot Shorts are the Best Shorts | Red Knits

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