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Shoddy Work

June 22, 2014

Steve's shorts 1.0 When it comes to JoAnn’s plaid flannels lately, you can have a straight line on the lengthwise or the crosswise grain: never both. Combine that with not buying quite enough fabric to lengthen these shorts and match plaids, and you just have to be thankful that these shorts are for sleeping.

Not that Sweetie cares, though. He’s just happy to have some shorts out of a fabric he finds comfortable to sleep in this summer.
Steve's shorts 1.0We started this project with Simplicity 1563, but we made things difficult by adding a fly with a hidden button closure. I’d show a closeup, but the fly is also pretty shoddy work. We’ll refine that and hopefully add some pockets after he’s worn these for a while and confirmed that the fit is comfortable so we can make version 2.0. For now, these are a win: a handmade anniversary gift and another garment that he didn’t rip off right after the photos were taken.

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  1. June 22, 2014 9:00 pm

    Thanks for the link. I think they look pretty fantastic!

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