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UFO Mondays: Shifting Plans

June 23, 2014

KristiMy Kristi socks are done, which means there’s only one more sock left in my Sock Innovation project! It was a little bit of a stretch to finish this second sock in a week, but I managed to kitchener the toe last night.
KristiI don’t think this is one of my favorite patterns in the book–it’s pretty, but not the kind of twisted stitch pattern I prefer. One thing I do really like about these, though, is that the two socks are mirror images of one another. This totally makes sense for a large pattern repeat like this one, but it’s a detail that’s missing from all too many sock patterns.
KristiPattern: Kristi by Cookie A
Yarn: one skein Zitron Trekking XXL #1450 from the Boobie Socks kit
Needles: US 1 bamboo dpns
Made for: Me & Class Sample
Timeline: 14 April 2009 – 22 June 2014
Modifications: none
Worst Part: Twisted stitches on every round but the cuff, heel, and toe
Best Part: How cute these look in pink!

I had originally planned to knit the last sock of this project over the next week so I could be finished with all of these second socks by the end of June. However, my summer travel plans have recently changed, and I’m adjusting my crafting schedule accordingly (with as many projects as I’m trying to finish this summer, you’ve gotta have a plan!).
Washcloths UFOInstead of finishing off yet another sock UFO, I’m returning to these (purposely) ugly granny square washcloths. These were originally intended to be a high school graduation gift for my little sister, and she’s now been out of college for a year. Yeah. Time to finish them off.

Last seen: June 2009

Reason for abandonment: I can’t even remember. They probably just got lost in my pile of projects. Incidentally, the project pile around the time I started these included the Sock Innovation socks. Pretty sure I stretched myself too thin that summer.

Assessment: I’ve finished four washcloths and am nearly finished with a fifth. If I’m reading my notes correctly, I think that leaves two more washcloths in the set, which should be pretty manageable if I can remember my crochet skills.

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