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Let’s Try Swimwear

June 24, 2014

I had planned to make a new swimsuit for my trip to DisneyWorld next year, but, as I mentioned last post, our summer travel plans have changed. Now I need a new swimsuit asap–the one I’ve been using for the past few years is too small on top, and it’s just not going to work when I’m around anyone besides immediate family, if you know what I mean…

Given the time crunch, I’d be happy to buy a RTW suit, but I’m having a hard time finding boyshort swim bottoms in the shops for a reasonable price. Is everyone else perfectly happy wearing bikini bottoms? Because I have trouble believing I’m the only one who wants a little more coverage. Luckily, my mom had a boyshort pattern in her stash, so I just need to hit the sewing machine before our flight takes off next week.
Purple SwimsuitThe bottom pattern, McCalls 3566, is now out of print, but I just picked up the top pattern, McCalls 5400, on sale last weekend after having a really hard time finding any swimsuit patterns at all in the current Big 4 books. Since I need this swimsuit next week, I was stuck with the limited selection at my local big box store. I was hoping for at least a small selection of prints, but I was pretty much stuck with solids. I’m simply not willing to spend my sewing time on a boring solid suit, so I picked up some bling for a contrast band on the top. It’s certain to gum up my machine’s needle: hopefully it will be worth it.

This isn’t my first time making swimwear, but it’s my first time in a long while. Here’s hoping it goes smoothly so I have something to wear in the hot tub (and maybe on the boat) next week.

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