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A Circle Skirt at Last

September 9, 2014

Way back in 2010, I had some serious circle skirt envy. I was completely smitten with Sunni’s plaid Linda Hop skirt–her styling was perfect, and the proximity of her post title to my favorite swing dance, the lindy hop, seemed like more than a coincidence–so I quickly ran out to my local Hancock Fabrics for materials.
Circle Skirt MaterialsI can’t tell you what happened next, as I have no memory or blog record of why I didn’t immediately sew up my own cute plaid circle skirt with an adorably bright lining. What didn’t happen was anything beyond preshrinking: all of these materials, and even a printed pattern and a magazine article on circle skirts, have just been sitting in my sewing project stash ever since. Hell, I even have a top, tights, and shoes that will look great with the skirt.

I can’t let one more fall go by without this perfectly autumnal skirt in my wardrobe. It’s time to break out the shears.

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