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A Gray Shirt for Steven

September 16, 2014

Steve's Gray ShirtThis guy pretty much lives in button down shirts. For just about any weather or occasion, he’ll probably toss on one of his many button down shirts. Problem is, none of them quite fit.
Steve's Gray ShirtUntil now. He finally has a shirt that fits his broad shoulders, slim torso, and long trunk and arms.
Steve's Gray Shirt backIt’s been a long road to get here from my initial plan to make him a shirt that fits. I started with a Vogue pattern, then tried out the famous Negroni, and finally settled on an altered version of McCall’s 6613 view B. I made some fairly substantial changes to this pattern based on my shirtmaking research, but those will have to wait for another post. I will note, however, that this pattern fit my 6’4″ husband pretty well right out of the envelope, so I imagine shirts for shorter guys would need some alteration.
Steve's Gray Shirt detailThis was not the best fabric for a trial shirt. It’s a linen blend thing from JoAnn which, as I told my husband when he originally picked it out, is certain to end up in a wrinkly ball in the bottom of the dryer. It also has a terrible tendency to shift around, which made for some difficult cutting and detail stitching. Luckily, both the pieces and the stitching blend in pretty nicely, so most of the imperfections are hidden.
Steve's Gray ShirtHis bike may have a flat tire, but at least he’s got a shirt that fits.
Steve's Gray ShirtThe first of many, I’m sure.

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  1. September 18, 2014 11:56 am

    Wow, this is really nice! Will you please pin a photo to our fan gallery board? Thanks!


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