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UFO Mondays: Houndstooth Blazer

September 29, 2014

Sometime in late high school or early college–it was so long ago that I can’t even remember anymore–I got it into my head that I needed a wool blazer and decided to get to making one. Never mind that I hardly sewed outside of competitions at the time: this was before the thrifting heyday, so my blazer needed to be handmade.

I vaguely remember being inspired by a Chanel type jacket in one of my teen fashion magazines, and I imagine that I went to the family’s (extensive) wool stash and found this houndstooth to pair with Simplicity 4954 view E.

Houndstooth Blazer UFOI took the time to match my patterns and sew together the main pieces of the jacket, but for whatever reason I didn’t have any lining, and the project was put aside. For a looong time. In fact, this just might be my oldest sewing UFO.

Luckily, my shape hasn’t changed so much in the intervening years that this jacket won’t fit. It could perhaps be a little bigger in the bust, but I think the open neckline will make it work. I also might not have chosen a fabric with a gold base today, so I’m hoping a higher neckline in a more flattering color underneath will offset the yellow tones.

This lovely wool required a luxurious lining to match. Surprisingly (at least to me), JoAnn carries Bemberg rayon, and I was able to pick some up at a deep discount during last year’s Thanksgiving weekend sale. Since this isn’t a fully tailored jacket with a collar, it shouldn’t take much work to finish it off and add it to my fall wardrobe.

In other news, after a month and a half of living in an apartment that was only partially unpacked (and driving me crazy. and causing interruptions to marital bliss), we finally have access to some garage space! This means that we’ve unearthed most of our sunroom, which is turning into a shared creative space where my husband has his drafting table and I have my sewing machines. Not wanting to go without sewing for an indefinite period of time, I had been wedging myself into a small space in front of my sewing table, but now I can actually access my projects and supplies again. Hopefully this means things will be back to normal around this blog.

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