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Frozen Dreams

October 2, 2014

Happy October! It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes, and in my family those costumes are always handmade.

FrozenThis year’s costume decision was easy. I’ve been a Disney princess fangirl for my entire life, and Frozen brought us a redheaded princess who isn’t half fish–finally, a princess I can relate to! (My  sister can also be a little cold, so…) Even better, my proudly Scandinavian husband is also a fan, and he’s going as Kristoff. We’ve never done a couple’s costume, so we’re pretty excited.

Since he’s just as capable at a sewing machine as I am, he’s responsible for his own costume this year, allowing me to focus on all of the components of my Anna costume:

I’ll ease into this costume with the skirt. Although in some shots it looks like Anna’s skirt may have pleats, I’m going to keep things simple and do an unlined version of the same pattern I just used for my plaid skirt (photos/blog post coming very soon!). Since the motifs at the hem are quite large, I plan to applique them.

Next, I’ll tackle the bodice, which proves a bit more complicated. I couldn’t find a good pattern match for the cut of Anna’s bodice, so I’m planning to use the same pattern I used for my showgirl costume and adjust it to have a sweetheart neckline. I’ll add the gold trim and (hopefully) embroider the motifs since they’re smaller here.

I think that I’ll do the blouse next. I’m using view E of V8747, which I hope can also serve as a fitting test version of this pattern because I don’t have a princess seamed blouse pattern I like. This pattern probably isn’t a perfect match to the original blouse, but not much of it shows, so I’m just going to add some machine embroidery around the neckline and call it a day.

Finally, I’ll make up the cape since it’s a sort of non-essential part of the costume: I still want it, but I’m sure the costume would be recognizable without it. This is the only part of the costume for which I’m using M7000, the unofficial “snow queen” pattern McCall’s released for the movie. I’m not aiming for complete accuracy in this costume, but the rest of this pattern just strays too far from the original for what I’m looking to make. The cape, however, looks pretty close.

As far as other bits of the costume go, I’ve already got some black boots, and I’m keeping an eye out for a blond extension I can tuck into my already strawberry blonde hair. At some points in the movie, Anna wears a little hat and mittens, but I’m not bothering with those.

We braved JoAnn this afternoon in order to take advantage of a big sale before everything was completely picked over, and we now have just about everything we need to get going. It’s a good thing, too: we have one less week than expected to get everything together because our friends’ Halloween party is on the 25th! I also have my hopes up way too high for trick-or-treaters since this is the first place we’ve had that might get them.

What sort of costuming are you doing this Halloween, either for yourself or your little people?

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  1. dissertatingwithdogs permalink
    October 3, 2014 5:25 pm

    This is fantastic! I can’t wait to see pictures!! I’m considering knitting something for Koa, but he absolutely detests clothing of all kind so that may not happen. (Though his long fuzzy ears and underbite would be perfect for some sort of Monsters, Inc. costume, hehe.)

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